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Marriage, a significant fact in one’s life, has been recognized as one of the four main pillars of life. Love Marriage is one that is handled by the boy and the girl themselves without consulting their parents and without verifying horoscopes. It is a union of two individuals based on mutual affection and attraction.Love Marriage Specialist in Punjab Maulana Aamin Khan Ji provides solutions of the love problem by the expert given by our astrologer who is having many years of deeply rooted experience in astrology field and provides solutions of love. We offer solutions to problems related to marriage. Our love marriage specialist will help you find solutions to your problems.


The decisions of arranged marriages are made by the parents. Love marriage supposes intimacy and love between the boy and the girl. The subject is burning up among the young. A lot of questions that people ask as if there is love marriage in their letter, is the marriage of love is good, possibilities of love marriage in astrology, possibilities of love marriage, indication of love marriages in your horoscope, love planets, how to predict the love of marriage in horoscope Venus is the planet of love. It plays an essential role in deciding whether the marriage would be a love or arranged.

In any chart that is not supported by Venus, the chances of love marriage are very low. It is the rule of pleasures, joys, and desires, and should be pure and unaffected by a pure love and stable emotional life.

Venus when ascending aspects, fifth house, house 7 or house 11 represents the loving nature as an individual. Venus in a combination of Mars has a great impact on the success of a happy and committed relationship. Venus and Mars are planets of “relationship foundation”. When these two planets are well placed on the table then the marriage will succeed. While judging the horoscopes of women, Jupiter also plays an important role. For matrimonial happiness, the second and eighth houses of the female horoscope should not be occupied by Rahu and Ketu. And if the seventh Lord in the female horoscope is involved in interplanetary war or if Venus is weak, it creates evil problems in the married life. It is known that a woman with a strong eighth house will make her spouse live for many years. It is revealed that the lady will lead a life. Love Marriage Specialist in Punjab knowingly prescribes corrective measures.

In general, marriages of love are done without verifying the horoscope charts. The obligations of an astrologer by matching the horoscope are tremendous and therefore you should not ignore that.

Marriage has ups and downs, but that does not mean that it has to take a turn causing the destruction of evil not only for men and women but also for children. Love is a very special gift of life that must be kept and marriage is its fruit. But sometimes it happens that certain misunderstandings and arguments are that ultimately it becomes bitter breakup and getting a broken heart. In order to save the beautiful relationship of brutal fights and divorce. Our methods will not take so long to implement, because we respect their love and do not want any delay on their own, because of us, so that the love marriage specialist in Punjab use them to work many years because he invested in them also to do such these methods for the benefit of the client.